Youtube Platform for Generating Sales


Want to apply some unique business strategies for sales here is the Guide Youtube Platform for Generating Sales

After Facebook, Youtube is considered as the most traffic generated platform and has a huge engagement audience also. 

There are lots of influencers available on the internet who will do reviews regarding your product or service you offer. 

Main Question: How you can contact them or reachout for promotion of your services. 

Here are the Points to be considered before proceeding to contact influencer

  • Find Niche Related Influencer

Niche Related Influencer means if you have an Online Store of fitness products

So, contact those fitness youtubers and let them know about your services. 

If they find it worthy then they will publish your product reviews. 

Note : Influencers charge Lot of Money also. Don’t think this will be the Free Promotion.
  • Contact Influencer

After finding the Niche Related Influencer you can check their Mail Id in the Youtube about section. 

If they didn’t put his email Id then search for their Instagram Username and try to contact them by sending DM. 

After getting Email Id send him the proposal of your product or services. 

After your Product Details mention the price you are going to pay him to that influencer.

If the influencer finds your proposal worthy then definitely he is going to review your product in exchange for some money.

Create Your Own Website

  • Best Place in YouTube Video to get Clicks

You may know some of the influencers put the product link in description or some only mention the name of the product. 

If you want to generate huge amount of sales then Description will be the best option and if the influencer tell their audience

Regarding the product link in description you will be getting a huge amount of traffic. 

How to Get Conversion in Referral Traffic

Did You Know out of 1000 visitors just 10 or 20 is going to purchase your product. 

That’s Why I always suggest you to go for Quality and Targeted Traffic for websites. 

After getting the Traffic from that influencer try to put the email subscription form in your website. 

Pitch customers by their email address and after some time let they know about your product or services. 

Note : Don’t spam again and again regarding your product. It will give the wrong impression regarding your services.

If you think that Influencer Marketing is way higher investment then your Budget then you can go for Organic as well as some Paid Ways also.

Because most of the Influencers charge 100k+ INR for the review on their Channel. 

And Definitely they are going to charge because their fans engagement level is high and worthy also. 

Why Influencers Have Large Engagement?
Influencers mostly are YouTubers or Instagram and the Content they post on social media they gather fans from there.

Influencers are like role models for them and things they will do the same as their audience also prefer to do.

And If any Influencer endorsed any product or services many of their audience will enquire about your product or services.

YouTube Organic Views

Create Your YouTube Channel with your Brand Name and start posting regarding your product. 

Put proper hashtags, description, tags of that YouTube Video. 

Main Part is Thumbnail of that video makes it advanced like a clickbait type so that you’ll get more engagement then a simple thumbnail. 

YouTube Paid Views with Adwords

If you are not getting enough views with Organic then you may go with Paid Views. 

What is Adwords? 

Adwords is a Google Platform for promoting YouTube Videos, Websites, Apps, Call to Action Ads and many more campaigns you can run for your Business. 

For example if you want youtube views then you need to run a campaign for your YouTube Video.

If you want Traffic to your website then you have to run a Website Traffic Campaign. 

So while setting up a Campaign you may face the CPC option… 

What is CPC

When a user clicks on your Ads the Cost Per Click you had set for the campaign will be cut for every click done by the user. 

So choose wisely which network will help you to generate sales. 

If the organic one is not working for you then go for Adwords and promote your Business.


I am done with my Ideas about Youtube Platform for Generating Sales. 

Follow all the above steps organic as well as paid and let me know in the comment section which you had applied in your business.

Don’t Invest much money in Adwords starts with 500 and if you get any leads 

Then only invest more in Adwords and start generating leads for the Business. 

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