Email Marketing for Online Business

Email Marketing : Lead Generation through Email

Looking for How Email Marketing will help you to generate leads for your Business… . You are at the right place.

Whether you’re just starting or planning to start email marketing for the business. In this guide I will show you the benefits of Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing means sending mails to the customers regarding your product details or in order to provide services in emails.

Email Marketing is also considered as the best digital marketing channel that allows the sender to control the content.

If your recipient list is targeted then you may generate leads also for the Business.

You can send promotional, transactional and many informational mail via Email.

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

If you own an Online Store or have a Blog/Website then Email Marketing will help you to generate initial traffic and targeted traffic as well.

Collecting the email list is a big task for every website owner but you can easily pitch with the help of MailChimp.

With the Help of Mailchimp you can send a well designed email with some amazing features such as your Brand Logo, Buttons, Signs, Image and many more options.

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Benefits of Email Marketing for Business

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for the business.

Here are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Business.

  • Build Trust

You can Build Customer Trust with the help of Email Marketing it is only possible if you don’t spam or provide any irrelevant information to the customers.

  • Lead GeneratioN

If you had your targeted audience email lists then design then setup your MailChimp account

and get started with the Lead Generation for the Business.

A study from DMA found that if you had spent a dollar in a campaign then in return you can expect more than the price to be converted.

  • Traffic

If your Blog doesn’t have much traffic then you may take an advantage of email marketing for initial traffic to your blog or website.

So these are some of the benefits you can enjoy with the help of  Email Marketing.

what are you waiting to collect emails and get started? So a Big Question will be … .

How You Can Collect Emails List for Business

  • Set up MailChimp

To collect Emails lists for your business MailChimp is one of the best options to collect emails and to design email very well.

You can watch the below video for How you can set up mailchimp and can make proper use of that for Email Marketing.

  • Collect Emails from Sales

Whenever you get sales try to pitch them for their email and after that send them an congrats message or thankful message.

After getting the email of that customer if you start branding then the user may unsubscribe your email.

So collect email and send 1 or 2 emails in a week.

  • Place Forms in Website

If you have your Online Store or Website then you can collect emails from the customers very easily,

Placing the subscriptions form in any place on your website.

Places where you can put your subscription form to collect emails from the visitor.

Create Your Own Website

  • Contact Us PagE

If any visitor wants to know more about your business or wants to inquire about specific services then he’ll visit the Contact us page.

In the contact us page you can give your email address and below you can embed an email subscription form for the visitor.

If any visitor puts his email in that embed box then he’ll get updates about your business whether you are posting new or anything.

  • Header or Footer

You can embed the subscription form in your header area or your website.

So if any visitor lands on your website he’ll get that form and he may fill that form.

Most of the visitor don’t approach till the footer part of your website but if your website bounce rate is low,

Then surely you can try that embed form in your footer area of your website.

  • Subscription PopUp

If you don’t know how you can make an subscription popup on your website you can watch many videos available on internet

Follow all those steps and place a subscription popup notification on your website.

Once the visitor lands on your website after 5 to 7 seconds he will get one popup regarding subscription for your email list.

Many Businesses apply this technique for collecting huge numbers of emails list for the Lead Generation.


I Hope that you get to know How much Email Marketing is important for your business.

So what are you waiting for to set up your Email Marketing Tools and start generating leads for your Business.

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