Did You Know to run the Business which Criteria is important Sales or Marketing ?

In this Post I’m going to share the importance of Sales or Marketing in Business.

Introduction to Sales and Marketing

Critical one today we’re gonna talk about what’s more important sales or marketing look there’s this notion in business that a lot of times you’ll hear read a book and someone’s gonna be so certain that the only way you and I can win we have to be marketer’s first.

We have to be sales first which in reality there’s been so many different types of CEOs that have won in life.

Let me explain to what I mean by this if you go back in the days with CEOs and businesses.

CEOs and Business
➡ Ray Kroc was a Sales Guy
➡ Sam Walton Walmart Sales Guy
➡ Andy Grove Scales Transition Steve Jobs
➡ Product Development Richard Branson
➡ Jeff Bezos Marketer

And this process has been taking place. Social media has changed the game a little bit. 

We don’t have to be as good in sales as we did before, however it also depends on the industry

you’re part of there’s certain industries that no matter what you do. 

Today Marketing or sales that is a hundred percent applicable to every single industry.

Difference Between Sales V/S Marketing

Sales V/S Marketing : Which is Important for Business ?

Sales is about asking questions, marketing is about storytelling let me explain to what I mean by this sales.

I go to a business I ask to Nawaz how many employees do you have 200

how many current computers do you such-and-such how much data do you such

 I ask 20-30 questions. 

I gather data then I make my recommendation and he either buys or doesn’t buy with my three options I gave him that’s asking questions on this other side marketing his storytelling. 

Here storytelling my name is John I own a business I have a thousand employees I caught myself spending so much time with the computer technology, because wire systems were so slow.

Then comes Joe from IBM he sat down with me he showed me what we do we changed the systems we brought them on board this is the money that we spent and we ended up saving 2.8 million

dollars and our speed went from 48 seconds to now 17 seconds thanks to IBM. 

Marketing sales number to sales is math marketing is art remember back in school. 

Sales Vs Marketing

Your marketing and then you have sales question number one what’s the difference between sales and marketing? 

Marketing is anything that you do to bring a prospect in and then it sells is what you do.

When you’re face to face on the phone when you’re actually closing the sales turning that prospect into a net sale right.

When you meet someone you don’t know and they jump on you and say let me tell you some stuff how do you feel? 

Your pants on so have you ever had this experience that it may be a client is coming from a referral or from  a trusted friend. 

They call you up and they say they’re not asking price this is just saying I won’t do business with you and you close the sale very quickly very

easily without a whole other sell have you know.

I’m gonna have experienced that before okay what that means is this when you’re marketing is good the less sells you have to do.

When you’re marketing is good less selling you have to do.

What is Marketing? 

A whole bunch of things positioning brand your message social proof your reputation a lot of these different things. 

The better your marketing is, the easier it is for a closer cell.

The worse your marketing the harder you have to do your convincing. 

Whenever you’re selling something high-end I would say like two three thousand rupees or more you don’t want to put your price because when they haven’t even talked to you cannot build a value just through your website. 

I could tell they don’t understand the value of what you’re selling. It’s a machine that can bring them more money.

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I am done with my explanation of Sales Vs Marketing. 

If you’re still in confusion, comment down below and explain to me more. 

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