Most people don’t know much about how Dropshipping works. 

If you are also searching for the dropshipping concept then you are at the right place to get the concept about Dropshipping. 

There are some steps that you need to know before planning for the Dropshipping Business.

5 Most Important Ideas for Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Niche

Alright step one is obviously niche selection also known as product selection means, 

what product you’re going to sell in your online store. 

If you Don’t have your own online store, create one.

Create Your Own ECommerce Store

You always have to build a specific niche store that means,

we choose one product type per store. We have one core product for that niche. 

It doesn’t mean we actually sell one product but we sell one product type per store,

We do this for better conversion rates but this is something that people always overthink and honestly what I do… 

I know that is where people always get stuck and it really is a mental thing

because they overthink it and they think

If I get this wrong my whole store will fail and while in the sense that is true if you try to tell something super cheap and inexpensive… 

But people also overthink think when it terms when it comes in terms of like competition right? 

Step one you just have to find niches,

That meet the three pieces of criteria that we look for first being price point

Second being actual like the saturation of the market you know not not of the market but of the brands in that market

You want to make sure you’re targeting the right market targeting people

with disposable income because we’re selling the expensive products 

they’re placing orders or on the back end after the order is delivered so

Those are the three pieces of criteria that we do look forward with niches,

Again once you’re there you don’t have to overthink it you can move forward but

The main thing is moving forward and not getting sales not overcome complicating it not making it too difficult but getting one niche that meets thosecriteria.

Market Research

You have to analyze the market in your niche, Whether the competition is high or low for the specific product. 

Check Whether the product you have chosen for your dropshipping business is right or not? 

Step two is you’re literally going on Google you’re looking through product listing ads through regular organic search ads

You’re looking at different blogs that are relevant to the niche that you have chosen.

You’re trying to find other websites that sell these products already.

Now these are the companies that we call our future competitors. 

For them the people that we’re going to be competing with once we launch now we do this for a few reasons.. 

Find the Supplier

Mainly is to make sure that this niche that we came up with in the first step and right in step one we want to make sure it’s dropship friendly and what

that means that we want to find other websites that are actually drop shipping them right,

not other websites that are selling them but have them in their warehouse or in a retail location.

No we want to find websites that are drop shipping them now as far as how you check all that again I told you this research and going out there and

actually finding this information for multiple niche

you pick the niche you did your market research you found the sites that are dropshipping these products you know you

Creating Your Website

Why am I going to create a website when I don’t have any products to sell yet I don’t know what I’m doing. Why am I going to build a website? 

So fast and the reason you’re going to do that is because you can’t get approved to sell for any of these brands that you have balance in module two. 

hey I want to drop ship your products so very important guys step three of the process is building a gorgeous-looking store

that not only will people want to buy from but at this point that your future suppliers will be happy to see and be proud to have their products displayed on ok so that’s step

Once we do that

The site’s up it’s working great we move on to step four and this is where you start getting approved with those suppliers ok and

yes this all has to happen sequentially don’t do four beforeyou’re directing them back to your site.

Optimizing for Conversions

Once we have our site built so we have our products loaded up there’s a few things that we have to do to make sure

when people find us that they’re going to buy from us this is called as conversion rate optimization.

It’s something that is super super important and you know it’s the difference between making two dollars per person that comes to your store

there’s a lot of little tweaks that we make that increase this conversion rate.

Drive Traffic to your Website

At this point we have our niche. We did our market research and built our website.

we got approval from supplier we uploaded their products we optimized the website for conversions

Now it’s time to bring the traffic on Website

This is also where people start over complicating things. We use different traffic sources.

If Google product listing is this is by far the highest converting source of traffic if you set it up and optimize it in the right way. 

You’re going to get the lowest cost per lead or cost per sale basically what you’re paying to drive sales to your website,

this is where there’s so much money to be made this is something a beginner can do and learn to master within a few months time. 

Where all your focus should be when you’re first starting out mastering. 

Google product listing ads again there’s more sources of traffic but the purpose of this kind of overview. 

Then you can move on to expanding your horizon with traffic sources bringing the new ones and

honestly you know maybe a little bit before that but that’s when it’s also a good time to move on to other step that is


I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a fully automated business where you know you’re just getting money every day and you’re like

Oh life’s great but you can automate these things to the point where you know maybe ten to thirty minutes a day is,

how much time you have to invest into the business and a lot of things that you can outsource

That’s really the way we automate the the majority of I guess the tasks that humans are required for is through outsourcing phone support now the beauty

of high-ticket ecommerce the way that we do it is that we’re not getting tons of

Sales every day we don’t want tons of sales we want a few sales with you know making 300 bucks 400 bucks 500 bucks a net profit on that sale. 

But you know the main thing is really to get those sales right.

This is as far as like order status updated accessing orders and all that stuff that can actually be automated. 

Here is the Revision for all of you

  • Choose Your Business Niche
  • Market Research
  • Creating your Website
  • Choosing Proper Suppliers
  • Optimizing for Conversions
  • Getting traffic to your Website
  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Focus on Automating


I hope everyone’s found that useful. That’s kind of my step-by-step guide to drop shipping for as much as I can cover in this post. 

Hope you got value as always we provide on Shopotics Blog

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