How to Run Instagram Ads for our Ecommerce Store

Planning to run an Advertisement on Instagram for your Ecommerce store? You are at the right place to get a perfect guide about – How to Run Instagram Ads for Ecommerce Store. 

Did You Know ? Instagram is well known for the engagement and that’s the reason most of the businesses prefer to go with Instagram Ads. 

According to research, 79% of product sales was driven by mobile devices.

Why You Need to Run Instagram Ads for Your Business?

There are several reasons that I have pointed out why instagram for the advertisement purpose …..Is that because of its large engagement and easy to use.

First priority of the online business should be to create Goodwill and Trust among the customers.

Your business will be recommended automatically by the people if people have trust in your business. 

So Here are some of the steps you had to follow before creating an your Instagram Ad :-

Well Designed Post

You need to create a well designed post regarding the details of your product in it. 

There are various tools available with the help of that you can easily create a well designed post. 

Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr etc. Try out these tools for designing purposes.

Create Your Hashtag

Did you know the role of hashtags in Instagram ? Sometime most of the posts on instagram were ranked just because of the trending hashtags used by the user. 

Insert Hashtag properly according to your Product.

Note :- Don’t Spam too much keywords and irrelevant hashtags. It may result in disapproval of your Instagram Ad.

Modify Your Instagram Profile

If you are running an ad for the product and if your Instagram profile was not informational, users may find it spam and bounce back. 

Don’t take it lightly in terms of instagram profile place your website name your Business name your description properly.

Convert to Business Profile

For Instagram Advertising you need to convert your individual profile to business profile after converting you’ll get access for insights. 

You will get to know how much impressions and forward you get on your post.

Connect Your Instagram Profile to Facebook Page

You need to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile to run advertisements on instagram. 

After following the above steps you are good to go for Instagram Advertising. 

Steps for Running Instagram Ads for Ecommerce Store. 

  • Post Product Details

First you need to post your well designed banner on Instagram. 

Don’t Forget to add description and relevant hashtags while posting.

  • Click on Promote

After Posting you will get an option “Promote” 

Click on it and you will get more 3 options :-

  • Direct Messages

If a user clicks on your ad user will be redirected to your inbox he can send you Direct Messages regarding product or queries.

  • Profile Visits

If you just want Profile visits for your instagram profile then this will be the best option for you.

  • Website Clicks

Best if you have your own Ecommerce store then this will be the best option for you. 

If you have an attractive website like us then surely you will get a huge conversion.

Now I have explained to you about those options so choose accordingly which will be the best for you. 

In my recommendation Direct Messages work great for lead generation.

Audience Targeting

You can Target a specific audience for your Ad. If you target your ad to your right targeted audience then you may earn more then you invest for Instagram Ad.

What is Targeted Audience?
Targeted Audience means if you are running an ad of Fitness Product

So your Targeted audience will be Fitness People, People Having interest in Fitness, Gymming Holics people etc.

So your age group will be 18 – 34 because after 34 not many people get interested in gymming or workout.

Name Your Instagram Advertisement Campaign

After selecting the targeting option give a name for your Ad Campaign. 

No need to think much about it just write ABC or Sales Boost your product name.

Budget Optimisation

You have to split your budget in A/B Testing or ad will set manually in any format. 

A/B Testing means once the ad was displaying in story and if it doesn’t work then Instagram will automatically change the position of ad

Or either you can manually set up your Ad position for instagram ad.

Ad Budget

Either you had to spend daily that specific amount for the ad

Or spend once for the ad it is said to be the overall budget.

Choose Your Ad Placement

First thing you need to do is to uncheck the facebook and audience network so that you ad will only display on instagram. 

Click on Edit Placement and uncheck those options.


I hope that you get all your answers regarding the instagram promotion. 

So what are you waiting for to create your ad and boost your sales as well as branding. 

Let me know in the comment section if you had any queries regarding instagram ad running. 

Will suggest a  proper answer for your query. 

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