Hey Guys mapari here and today we’re going to discuss Dropshipping Business in India.

So what is dropshipping you are probably thinking? 

You can say this is the new method of making money online. Without really putting any money up or without holding any investment/capital. 

Dropshipping Business in India - Ways to 10x Your Sales

What is DropShipping?

Dropshipping is like an elaborate system but it’s really not and it’s quite simple. We have your supplier so that’s you’re going to be purchasing a

wholesale from and keep in mind there are two different prices inside

Wholesale and retail wholesale is what you the seller is buying for and retail is what you’re selling for so your customer over here buys retail price and you buy wholesale price 

How does the DropShipping System Works?

So here’s how the Dropshipping System works, First you have to purchase or you find the product from a supplier. 

For that Purpose you can go on Aliexpress or ebay or even any American drop shipping companies. 

So you just find the product. After finding the product you need to list it on your web store and If you don’t have your own Online Store, Create From Here.

🛒 Create Your Own Website

Keep in mind you’re buying this product for wholesale price let’s assume two dollars a piece and you’re selling it to your customer for retail say twelve dollars a piece.

The customer buys the product from your Online Store and he or she buys the twelve dollar priced item.

Take that order and you send it to the supplier. So once the supplier has your order what they do then is they directly ship to your customer.

What this means is throughout this whole process you’re not touching a single piece of inventory all you are doing is hosting this service and driving the traffic to your Online Store. 

You’re driving the customer to your store and then you’re sending the order from your store to the supplier and they take care of the rest it’s very simple, very easy to do.

Same as Affiliate Marketing where you have to drive traffic to your referral link and you’ll get a specific amount of commission for selling that product. 

How to Sell More Products in Dropshipping? 

If you are not getting enough traffic for your online store organically then you can take a help of Paid Platform also such as :-

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is such a Big Social Media Marketing Platform after Instagram.

You can run your product Ad for any duration and as per your Budget.

You can create your Product Banner and you can run Facebook Ads Campaign and can generate sales from that Ad Campaign. 

  1. Instagram Ads

Instagram is well known for the engagement of the audience. 

If you find the best influencer for your product if he promotes in his instagram story then your business may boost upto 10x.

There are various types of Ads you can run such as:-

  • Story Ads
  • Post Ads
  • Profile Visits Ads
  • Call to Action Ads
  • Website Click Ads
  • Direct Message Ads

Create Well Designed Instagram Story or the Post of your Product and promote. 

Don’t forget to Target Right Audience for your product. 

  1. Adwords

Adwords is a Google Platform where you can run any type of Ad on Google or YouTube. 

If you want to promote your YouTube Video then you can run ads but there are two types one is Display ad and the other one is search Ad. 

You can review your product in a youtube video and give the sale link in description and inform the viewers about the link.

You will get lots of traffic from that video if you run ads on adwords. 

On the other Hand if you have your own online store with products then you can also create an ad for website Traffic. 

Give your website link and target the right audience for that Ad. 

If you don’t know much regarding the Target Audience then comment down below I’ll explain.

  1. Bing Ads

After Google Bing Search Engine was recognized because of Yahoo ownership and many of the countries support Bing Engines for searching for query. 

Not only in other countries but In India many of the browsers are there who provide the default search engine as Bing. 

Whenever a user searches for the query he’ll get Bing Search Results. 

You may not know but the Bing and Google search results are different because of the difference in ranking criteria. 


I hope that you get the Idea related to the Dropshipping business in India.

Set up your perfect marketing campaign for your product and let the people know about your product. 

Promote your Online Store with Marketing and generate lots of leads for your products. 

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