Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce : Future of AI & Chatbot Guide for Ecommerce

The Ecommerce Industry is growing day by day and emerging a lot of youngsters are jumping into this Ecommerce Field. Hereby explaining the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce is important.

Everything is Artificially Intelligent nowadays because most of the company prefers innovations in Artificial Intelligence in their technology.

If you Visit a Mall or Airport or any High Authority Place there will be Self Checkout Counters and many more features that will help humans to ease their work as fast as possible.

In easy terms Machines are operating Humans we don’t think observe but it is true. Compared to Humans Artificial Intelligence will do their tasks faster and better as compared to Humans.

As we are living in the Internet Busy world where everyone wants their life fully satisfying in terms of comfort as well as Technology. Business should be 24/7 available all day.

Insights and analytics of your Online Business is important and you can track all the Real Time Stats of your Business at One Click. Artificial Intelligence makes it easier to track all those Data.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce is Bright and Open for all Industry. The Ecommerce Industry as well as Digital Marketing is growing at the Air Speed. Artificial Intelligence has helped a lot for them to expand and boost their Business.

Artificial Intelligence we can feel but can’t touch, For Example when you use an ATM you get your money and you have to use AI … . . Yes, ATM Machine also an Best Example for Artificial Intelligence.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce ?

Role of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce ?
  • Efficiency

Every Ecommerce Industry uses Artificial Intelligence in their Website or tools. It is easier for visitors to surf on Online Store or Website.

  • Easy Set Up

There are various Tools available on the Internet they will set up a chatbot for your website no need to code or anything else.

  • CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is very useful to gather and evaluate Data for the Management to offer services to their various clients.

Artificial Intelligence will help you to gather all the data through large collections of data without much effort. It will filter out all the non essential things and will show you the perfect results.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Sales

Ecommerce is all about generating sales and leads from the Internet. Artificial Intelligence will help you to target the perfect audience and generate leads and also Sales After Services.

Artificial Intelligence can be used for revenue forecasts for small as well as large business to analyze Sales Reps, Real Time Analytics etc.

  • Content Delivery

Artificial Intelligence will help you for Business to provide flawless customer experience. All important data is kept on track on real time analysis.

Customer surfing from the other country or in another language Artificial Intelligence will provide the best experience.

  • Artificial Intelligence All-around

You don’t realize but Artificial Intelligence is all around and 80% of the customer interactions will be handled by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is growing and never stopping and the growing speed we felt like never before in the Business World.

Now there is no need for the availability of a physical place for the Business you can set up your own Business Online Store. 

If You Don’t know then you can Checkout this Article :- Free Automated Software for making E-commerce Website for your Business.

Ebay, Facebook, Shopbot, Amazon and many more Ecommerce stores now provide Chatbots for their visitors to provide a flawless journey for the customers.

Chatbots for Ecommerce

Chatbots for Ecommerce

Online Businesses are running 24/7 just because of Chatbots because they don’t only give automated replies to your visitors but also get their issues and reply to the solution of those queries. Chatbots are very well optimised; they get visitors’ point of view and reply accordingly.

Many Websites are Featurings the Chatbots system in their website even Facebook has their own Chatbot which solves the issues of visitors or we can set automated messages.

Many Ecommerce websites set up chatbots live messages and they help the visitor to give varieties and listen to their queries and Chatbots will respond through Text or Speech or both.

Using Chatbot is important in your Online Businesses and Artificial Intelligence will help you a lot in terms of Conversions if you set Artificial Intelligence Perfectly. Here are the Benefits of Chatbots.


I hope that I have explained to you very well about the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce and the importance of AI in Ecommerce.

Whether the Business is running an Small Scale or Large Scale Business Online anyone can set up their own Chatbox to provide the flawless experience for their visitors.

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Why Do You Need an E-commerce Website For Your Business?

Why Do You Need an E-commerce Website For Your Business?

Whether you are running a Large Scale Business or Small Scale Business everyone can shift their business online. As COVID Pandemic is going on and in this period most of the offline small scale businesses flop due to lockdown.

We have an Free Automated Software for making E-commerce Website within a minute.

Here is the Guide to Create an E-commerce Website for Your Business.

Fill all the Correct Details and after Filling Click on Start my 14 Days Trial.

  • You have to Verify your Account by clicking on the Link you will get on your E-Mail. ( You’ll get OTP on your E-Mail which you have used while signing up)


  • After Verifying your E-Mail Address you will get a new Interface of your Details.
  • Double Check all the Details and If there is any mistake then you can correct it.


  • In Personalize Tab you can Put your Company Logo and your Social Media Pages Link.
  • Below there were 3 sections of Terms & Condition, Policy & About Us Fill all the sections as per your Business Guidelines.

Web Store

  • In Web Store Tab Firstly you have to set up your Custom Domain, Put your Company Name and Click on Update Domain.
  • Choose your Color Preference from Theme section. There were 2 options: Background and Text Color choose accordingly.
  • Below there was an Important Section where you have to Put Meta Title, Description and Keywords.

If you don’t have any idea about What Meta Title and Meta Description is then just have a look here.

Meta Title

Meta Title means your Site Name and Meta Title is easily recognized by Search Engines. Enter Your Business Name.

Meta Description

It is just a Short Description of your Website. Enter Your Business Summary or what type of services you are going to provide in your E-commerce Store.

Keep your Meta Description under 140 characters.

Meta Keywords

Enter Keywords on which you want your E-commerce store to be ranked.

For example, I created a Bicycle E-commerce store on Shopotics.

Then my Meta Keywords will be :- Cheap Bicycle, Best Bicycle of 2020, Affordable Bicycles, Kids Bicycles etc.

  • You have to set up your Google Search Console with the help of this tool you will get to know your Site Insights. After signing up enter your Google Site Verification Number. After filling up click on save.

Web Store Tab

  • Under Store Category option enter your Category Name and Put your SEO Title same as your Business Name with Tagline. After Enter Your SEO Description with proper Keywords.
  • Add some SEO Tags upto 5, Don’t Spam too much Keywords. After filling, click on Save Changes.

Setup Tab

  • Under Setup Option set up your Shipping Charges as per your Domestic and International Transaction.

Navigation Tab of Shopotics

Shopotics Dashboard

Under this Tab you will get to know How Much Orders placed and How much have been delivered to customers. In simple words you will get to know Analytics of your E-commerce store.


CRM Tab has 3 more options such as :-

  1. Leads :- How much Leads you had converted into sales.
  2. Deals :- Providing an Exciting Deal or Coupons for your Customers.
  3. Customers :- You’ll get a List of customers who have purchased your Products.


Under Inventory Tab has 3 more options such as :-

  1. Inventory :- How many Products you had listed on your E-commerce store.
  2. Batches :- Products Batches may vary accordingly.
  3. Inventory Adjustment :- If you want to Add or Remove any Products you can easily remove with this Tab.

Sales Order

Sales Order has 4 options such as :-

  1. Orders :- How many orders have you got from your E-commerce store.
  2. Shipments :- Insights of How many products have shipped.
  3. Returns :- Whenever Customer returns your Product it will display under in this Tab.
  4. Invoices :- Receipt of Customer for Product Purchase.

Purchase Order

Under Purchase Order there is more 3 options such as :-

  1. Purchase Orders :- Products you had purchased from Vendor.
  2. Bills :- How much expense you bear for purchasing that product.
  3. Vendors :- You can Create a Vendors Lists that are under your Business Relations.


Expenses of Shipping, Packaging, Salaries, Wages etc expenses you can list in this Tab.


There were 2 options under Preferences Tab such as :-

  1. Users & Roles :- You can add an Employees Roles and can give access to an specific tool.
  2. Organization Profile :- You can Edit your Organization Profile if you want to you can do it easily with this Tab.


Under Reports Options you will get to know all the Insights of your Organization Balance Sheet of How much Goods you had Sold, How much Profit or Loss, Shipping History, Inventory History, Purchases and Expenses.


So, I hope that all your Doubts and Queries are solved and if you still have any questions comment down below and will answer you within 24 hours.

You can also Start a Live conversation with us will guide you there also.

I Hope that this Guide of Free Automated Software for making E-commerce Website will help you to create your own E-commerce website for your business at your fingertips.