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If you want to learn one of the most important mistakes to avoid is not starting your business in the right way. 

While many people are quick to jump in with their first business idea, you must first set out what you want to offer and how much money you can invest before you can start promoting your business.

Initial Stage of Business

The first mistake is to think that it’s easy to start an online business. The internet is a massive marketplace filled with thousands of businesses offering different products and services. 

Unfortunately, not many people know where to turn to find a business that will work well for them.

Therefore, the best way to choose a business is to look at your skills and capabilities. 

Once you have determined what you have to offer, you will be able to narrow down your choices based on the things you can do on a day to day basis. 

Then you can start looking for a business opportunity that will give you the freedom and opportunity to grow.

Irrelevant Business Niche

The second mistake to avoid is to not choose a business that is right for you. As we mentioned above, you have many different choices to choose from. 

This means there are some opportunities that won’t be ideal for you. Therefore, this also means you may need to spend time researching other opportunities before you choose one.

Not Preferring Digital Way

The third mistake to avoid in an online business is not creating a website that looks professional and will attract visitors

Your website is going to be the face of your business, so you should make sure that it is attractive and useful. 

Also, your website should provide information about what services and products you are offering.

Create Your Own Website

Investment Stabilization

One final mistake to avoid when starting an online business is the assumption that just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s a good business. 

Although you will have to pay a price for your website, this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid a business opportunity.

In fact, if you don’t do a job, then you’re simply wasting your money on a business opportunity that won’t work.

Easy Money Dream

Another mistake to avoid in an online business is to think that it is easy to create a business and have it start generating cash in no time. 

In order to succeed with an online business, you have to devote time to learning the ropes and to build your reputation.

When choosing an online business, you need to take the time to learn how to market and advertise your business. as well as to learn how to advertise and promote your business.

Business Building

The fourth mistake to avoid in online business is to think that because it is very cheap, then you won’t have to invest a lot of time or money into building your business. 

As with everything else, the key to running a successful business is putting effort into building it up and that includes marketing.

Afraid of New Opportunities

The fifth mistake to avoid in online business is to be afraid to try new opportunities out. 

If you think that you have a great idea and you believe it could be the next big thing, then that is great. 

However, you need to understand that even though your idea is unique, it will take time to find the perfect company to work with and to market your ideas effectively.

Capital Investment

The sixth mistake to avoid in an online business is to assume that you need to be rich in order to succeed. 

If you want to be successful, you need to learn that having a good product is absolutely essential. and that having a large following is absolutely necessary.

If you do not do all these things you will be setting yourself up for failure. 

There are many other mistakes that you can avoid and all of them will make you a better entrepreneur and help you achieve a goal of success.


I hope that you get all the points regarding the mistakes you need to avoid in Online Business. 

Choose wisely and think twice before making any decision. 

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Did You Know to run the Business which Criteria is important Sales or Marketing ?

In this Post I’m going to share the importance of Sales or Marketing in Business.

Introduction to Sales and Marketing

Critical one today we’re gonna talk about what’s more important sales or marketing look there’s this notion in business that a lot of times you’ll hear read a book and someone’s gonna be so certain that the only way you and I can win we have to be marketer’s first.

We have to be sales first which in reality there’s been so many different types of CEOs that have won in life.

Let me explain to what I mean by this if you go back in the days with CEOs and businesses.

CEOs and Business
➡ Ray Kroc was a Sales Guy
➡ Sam Walton Walmart Sales Guy
➡ Andy Grove Scales Transition Steve Jobs
➡ Product Development Richard Branson
➡ Jeff Bezos Marketer

And this process has been taking place. Social media has changed the game a little bit. 

We don’t have to be as good in sales as we did before, however it also depends on the industry

you’re part of there’s certain industries that no matter what you do. 

Today Marketing or sales that is a hundred percent applicable to every single industry.

Difference Between Sales V/S Marketing

Sales V/S Marketing : Which is Important for Business ?

Sales is about asking questions, marketing is about storytelling let me explain to what I mean by this sales.

I go to a business I ask to Nawaz how many employees do you have 200

how many current computers do you such-and-such how much data do you such

 I ask 20-30 questions. 

I gather data then I make my recommendation and he either buys or doesn’t buy with my three options I gave him that’s asking questions on this other side marketing his storytelling. 

Here storytelling my name is John I own a business I have a thousand employees I caught myself spending so much time with the computer technology, because wire systems were so slow.

Then comes Joe from IBM he sat down with me he showed me what we do we changed the systems we brought them on board this is the money that we spent and we ended up saving 2.8 million

dollars and our speed went from 48 seconds to now 17 seconds thanks to IBM. 

Marketing sales number to sales is math marketing is art remember back in school. 

Sales Vs Marketing

Your marketing and then you have sales question number one what’s the difference between sales and marketing? 

Marketing is anything that you do to bring a prospect in and then it sells is what you do.

When you’re face to face on the phone when you’re actually closing the sales turning that prospect into a net sale right.

When you meet someone you don’t know and they jump on you and say let me tell you some stuff how do you feel? 

Your pants on so have you ever had this experience that it may be a client is coming from a referral or from  a trusted friend. 

They call you up and they say they’re not asking price this is just saying I won’t do business with you and you close the sale very quickly very

easily without a whole other sell have you know.

I’m gonna have experienced that before okay what that means is this when you’re marketing is good the less sells you have to do.

When you’re marketing is good less selling you have to do.

What is Marketing? 

A whole bunch of things positioning brand your message social proof your reputation a lot of these different things. 

The better your marketing is, the easier it is for a closer cell.

The worse your marketing the harder you have to do your convincing. 

Whenever you’re selling something high-end I would say like two three thousand rupees or more you don’t want to put your price because when they haven’t even talked to you cannot build a value just through your website. 

I could tell they don’t understand the value of what you’re selling. It’s a machine that can bring them more money.

Create Your Own Website


I am done with my explanation of Sales Vs Marketing. 

If you’re still in confusion, comment down below and explain to me more. 

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Planning to create an online store for your Business? Here are the guide you need to follow to create an E-Commerce Store.

Most of the Beginners don’t know the procedure and they get scammed by many people in the Internet.

Here I am going to show the steps that you need to follow while creating your online store.

Online Store Procedure: READ ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS.

Steps for Creating an Online Store


Domain Name is the identity of Business. It comes with many extensions such as

  • .com
  • .in
  • .net
  • .edu
  • .online

Pick any of these extension from Domain Providing company. There are many domain providers in India such as GoDaddy, BigRock, NameCheap etc.

While Choosing the domain for the business make sure it was meaningful because you can’t edit the domain name once you buy.

So take your time and choose the Perfect Domain Nmae for the Business.


With the use of hosting your website goes live to the visitor. If you purchase the cheap hosting then you are going to face many problem in the future.

So, whenever you are choosing the hosting for your business choose the unlimited features one that will be so helpful.

There are many Hosting Providers are available such as:-

  • SiteGround
  • A2 Hosting
  • GoDaddy
  • WPX Hosting

Above Hostings Providers I have mentioned are the popular and best one in terms of Services as well as Uptime.


After Purchasing the Domain and the Hosting after that connect that domain and hosting to your WordPress Site.

Install WooCommerce Plugin and Astra WordPress Theme it will give your website very professional and advanced look.

You don’t need to do coding for website development, with the help of WooCommerce Plugin you just need to drag and drop the elements wherever you want.

If you get any type of error then let us know, Commnent down below regarding your query.


In Digital World it is said that content is the King. Did You Know Why?

If you provide the user friendly content and engaging content then the user engage wuith your content and didn’t bounce back.

What is Bounce Rate?
When user was reading your content and if he did’nt like the content
So he press the back button
User leave your page in such an minimal time your website bounce rate increases.
If your website Bounce Rate is HIgh then it may result in low ranking of your website.

So, Provide the Quality Content to the user and lower the bounce rate higher the ranking will be.


SEO was one of the difficult task was consider to rank the website on high position on Google. Better SEO will boost your Ranking as well as Traffic.

There are 2 Types of SEO such as:

On-Page SEO
On Page Optimization was done for the Images and many other factors was incuded such as:

  • Internal Linking
  • Outbound Linking
  • Meta and Search Description
  • Optimise Images Properly
Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO was mainly used with the Help of High Quality Backlinks and there are many other factors also considers in Off Page SEO such as:

High Quality Backlinks
Guest Posts
Backlink Exchange

if you don’t want to do perform all the above steps I have an perfect solution for you

Just click on the below button and create your own Online Store within an minute.

Create Online Store


I am done with my guide and I hope that you get all my points regarding this Online Store Procedure.

Follow all the above steps or you can also create your own online store within an minute. Depends on you.

Let me know in the comment section if you are facing any problem regarding creating your own online store.

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Most people don’t know much about how Dropshipping works. 

If you are also searching for the dropshipping concept then you are at the right place to get the concept about Dropshipping. 

There are some steps that you need to know before planning for the Dropshipping Business.

5 Most Important Ideas for Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Niche

Alright step one is obviously niche selection also known as product selection means, 

what product you’re going to sell in your online store. 

If you Don’t have your own online store, create one.

Create Your Own ECommerce Store

You always have to build a specific niche store that means,

we choose one product type per store. We have one core product for that niche. 

It doesn’t mean we actually sell one product but we sell one product type per store,

We do this for better conversion rates but this is something that people always overthink and honestly what I do… 

I know that is where people always get stuck and it really is a mental thing

because they overthink it and they think

If I get this wrong my whole store will fail and while in the sense that is true if you try to tell something super cheap and inexpensive… 

But people also overthink think when it terms when it comes in terms of like competition right? 

Step one you just have to find niches,

That meet the three pieces of criteria that we look for first being price point

Second being actual like the saturation of the market you know not not of the market but of the brands in that market

You want to make sure you’re targeting the right market targeting people

with disposable income because we’re selling the expensive products 

they’re placing orders or on the back end after the order is delivered so

Those are the three pieces of criteria that we do look forward with niches,

Again once you’re there you don’t have to overthink it you can move forward but

The main thing is moving forward and not getting sales not overcome complicating it not making it too difficult but getting one niche that meets thosecriteria.

Market Research

You have to analyze the market in your niche, Whether the competition is high or low for the specific product. 

Check Whether the product you have chosen for your dropshipping business is right or not? 

Step two is you’re literally going on Google you’re looking through product listing ads through regular organic search ads

You’re looking at different blogs that are relevant to the niche that you have chosen.

You’re trying to find other websites that sell these products already.

Now these are the companies that we call our future competitors. 

For them the people that we’re going to be competing with once we launch now we do this for a few reasons.. 

Find the Supplier

Mainly is to make sure that this niche that we came up with in the first step and right in step one we want to make sure it’s dropship friendly and what

that means that we want to find other websites that are actually drop shipping them right,

not other websites that are selling them but have them in their warehouse or in a retail location.

No we want to find websites that are drop shipping them now as far as how you check all that again I told you this research and going out there and

actually finding this information for multiple niche

you pick the niche you did your market research you found the sites that are dropshipping these products you know you

Creating Your Website

Why am I going to create a website when I don’t have any products to sell yet I don’t know what I’m doing. Why am I going to build a website? 

So fast and the reason you’re going to do that is because you can’t get approved to sell for any of these brands that you have balance in module two. 

hey I want to drop ship your products so very important guys step three of the process is building a gorgeous-looking store

that not only will people want to buy from but at this point that your future suppliers will be happy to see and be proud to have their products displayed on ok so that’s step

Once we do that

The site’s up it’s working great we move on to step four and this is where you start getting approved with those suppliers ok and

yes this all has to happen sequentially don’t do four beforeyou’re directing them back to your site.

Optimizing for Conversions

Once we have our site built so we have our products loaded up there’s a few things that we have to do to make sure

when people find us that they’re going to buy from us this is called as conversion rate optimization.

It’s something that is super super important and you know it’s the difference between making two dollars per person that comes to your store

there’s a lot of little tweaks that we make that increase this conversion rate.

Drive Traffic to your Website

At this point we have our niche. We did our market research and built our website.

we got approval from supplier we uploaded their products we optimized the website for conversions

Now it’s time to bring the traffic on Website

This is also where people start over complicating things. We use different traffic sources.

If Google product listing is this is by far the highest converting source of traffic if you set it up and optimize it in the right way. 

You’re going to get the lowest cost per lead or cost per sale basically what you’re paying to drive sales to your website,

this is where there’s so much money to be made this is something a beginner can do and learn to master within a few months time. 

Where all your focus should be when you’re first starting out mastering. 

Google product listing ads again there’s more sources of traffic but the purpose of this kind of overview. 

Then you can move on to expanding your horizon with traffic sources bringing the new ones and

honestly you know maybe a little bit before that but that’s when it’s also a good time to move on to other step that is


I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a fully automated business where you know you’re just getting money every day and you’re like

Oh life’s great but you can automate these things to the point where you know maybe ten to thirty minutes a day is,

how much time you have to invest into the business and a lot of things that you can outsource

That’s really the way we automate the the majority of I guess the tasks that humans are required for is through outsourcing phone support now the beauty

of high-ticket ecommerce the way that we do it is that we’re not getting tons of

Sales every day we don’t want tons of sales we want a few sales with you know making 300 bucks 400 bucks 500 bucks a net profit on that sale. 

But you know the main thing is really to get those sales right.

This is as far as like order status updated accessing orders and all that stuff that can actually be automated. 

Here is the Revision for all of you

  • Choose Your Business Niche
  • Market Research
  • Creating your Website
  • Choosing Proper Suppliers
  • Optimizing for Conversions
  • Getting traffic to your Website
  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Focus on Automating


I hope everyone’s found that useful. That’s kind of my step-by-step guide to drop shipping for as much as I can cover in this post. 

Hope you got value as always we provide on Shopotics Blog

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What is Facebook Ad?

People mainly use Facebook to speak with friends, to envision friend’s photos, to satisfy  previous  friends then on.

Today I’m coming up with the Basic Guide of 2020 regarding the Facebook Ads.

You can’t at once  begin  mercantilism  your product or services to those that  don’t  dont know about your product or services you’re offering

What you’ll be able to provide them, why they have you, and why they need to shop for from you rather than your competitors.

For that Purpose Facebook Ads are used to spread awareness regarding your product.

Here are some of the Steps to begin with Facebook Ads :-

You Have to Earn Customer Trust

To begin the trust method there are  three totally different phases:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Brand Awareness Campaigns:

In the initial part, whole Awareness, our goal is to form individuals connect with the brand/product/service.

Once they apprehend the whole, they’re going to apprehend World Health Organization the corporate is,

What they will purchase from them, what its standards square measure, and also the edges of finance in their a product or service.

The first campaign is targeted on growing the page to extend the quantity of targeted fans.

By “targeted”, I mean those that square measure extremely curious about finance in a very connected product or service.

I sometimes use company|a company} or product image for this sort of campaign with copy that shows the values and also the corporate options of the whole or 

The corporate. those that see the ad square measure a lot of susceptible to suppose “Wow, why haven’t I detected regarding this whole before?”

Engagement Campaigns:

In the second part, Engagement, my goal is to ascertain a relationship with the fans of the page.

The goal is to receive likes, comments, shares, and perhaps questions about the way to purchase the merchandise or the service.

In associate engagement campaign, I sometimes use a video that at once highlights the advantages, the benefits and/or the most strengths of a product or a service.

Facebook Ads measure very powerful for commerce that promotes a special provide or discount (in my expertise, the discount has got to be strong; for example, 50%) or free shipping.

Create Well Designed Product Image

Use a collage of real product (not a picture you’ll be able to realize on a stock image website),

And also the client attention is force to the center by a giant circle that shows the massive discount.

I explained these 3 steps method for Black weekday promotion, however you’ll be able to adopt it throughout the year.

If you choose to push your business on Facebook, you have got to advertise on that not solely throughout sturdy promotion days (such as Black weekday or Christmas sales) however conjointly throughout many months of the year.

In this case, I like to recommend you to believe a technique that might bring you real interested customers.

I even have already same that you simply need to earn individuals trust before making an attempt to sell them your product or services, thus I counsel that you simply produce some ads throughout the year with totally different goals:

1. begin From a Like campaign to urge fans curious about your whole (Facebook Audience Insights will assist you a lot); you have got to feature real targeted fans to your page. this sort of campaign ought to run virtually fifteen days per month. I even have seen in my expertise that even 5€ per day is nice.

2. Promote Videos throughout the year, specifically simply before you launch your product or services sale. Your goal here is to urge engagements on videos, particularly those that invite a lot of data regarding your whole and what you are doing or sell. If you do not have any, believe making them. Videos square measure effective and very partaking. A tip for you: once making your campaign’s audience, sort your whole name’s competitors within the “Detailed targeting” section. for example, if i’m promoting a digital selling event, I will sort “Social Media Week” and different similar events:

3. after you have designed your trustworthy audience, it’s the correct moment to sell your product or service. bear in mind that you simply cannot sell to “cold audience” on Facebook: if individuals do not know you, they will not purchase something from you. So, specialize in retargeting.

3 Things You Should Avoid in Facebook Ad Campaigns

1. Making Ads Quickly

For many reasons (clients pressure, enthusiasm, too several in progress projects) you will suppose you’ll be able to produce a campaign in barely one hour.

It takes loads of your time,  generally eight  or  ten  hours to form one campaign.

The risks you wish to avoid square measure choosing the incorrect  audience  and build boring advertising.

Take it slow when:
Analyzing knowledge from Facebook Audience Insights.
Analyzing the language of your audience; however do your target speak on forums, blogs, and social networks
Creating enticing pictures or videos.
Writing persuasive copy.

2. Running Identical Campaign For an extended Time (i.e., one month).
 It’s higher to concentrate all of your budget in a very short amount campaign instead of cacophonic your budget into many days.

For example, if you have got to push a product, tell individuals your promotion can expire in three days, thus your campaign are on-line for a couple of days. it’s higher to pay two hundred euros in three days than two hundred euros in twenty days.

3. Build your Ad Easy:
Easy to browse EasY to know You have a couple of  seconds to grab your customer’s attention on Facebook, thus avoid sophisticated copywriting, build it snappy, and avoid sophisticated discounts or strange pictures.

Simplicity is that the best choice:

Get straight to the purpose in a very few short sentences.
Show your product or a picture that visually make a case for the advantages of what you’re making an attempt to sell.

Hey Guys mapari here and today we’re going to discuss Dropshipping Business in India.

So what is dropshipping you are probably thinking? 

You can say this is the new method of making money online. Without really putting any money up or without holding any investment/capital. 

Dropshipping Business in India - Ways to 10x Your Sales

What is DropShipping?

Dropshipping is like an elaborate system but it’s really not and it’s quite simple. We have your supplier so that’s you’re going to be purchasing a

wholesale from and keep in mind there are two different prices inside

Wholesale and retail wholesale is what you the seller is buying for and retail is what you’re selling for so your customer over here buys retail price and you buy wholesale price 

How does the DropShipping System Works?

So here’s how the Dropshipping System works, First you have to purchase or you find the product from a supplier. 

For that Purpose you can go on Aliexpress or ebay or even any American drop shipping companies. 

So you just find the product. After finding the product you need to list it on your web store and If you don’t have your own Online Store, Create From Here.

🛒 Create Your Own Website

Keep in mind you’re buying this product for wholesale price let’s assume two dollars a piece and you’re selling it to your customer for retail say twelve dollars a piece.

The customer buys the product from your Online Store and he or she buys the twelve dollar priced item.

Take that order and you send it to the supplier. So once the supplier has your order what they do then is they directly ship to your customer.

What this means is throughout this whole process you’re not touching a single piece of inventory all you are doing is hosting this service and driving the traffic to your Online Store. 

You’re driving the customer to your store and then you’re sending the order from your store to the supplier and they take care of the rest it’s very simple, very easy to do.

Same as Affiliate Marketing where you have to drive traffic to your referral link and you’ll get a specific amount of commission for selling that product. 

How to Sell More Products in Dropshipping? 

If you are not getting enough traffic for your online store organically then you can take a help of Paid Platform also such as :-

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is such a Big Social Media Marketing Platform after Instagram.

You can run your product Ad for any duration and as per your Budget.

You can create your Product Banner and you can run Facebook Ads Campaign and can generate sales from that Ad Campaign. 

  1. Instagram Ads

Instagram is well known for the engagement of the audience. 

If you find the best influencer for your product if he promotes in his instagram story then your business may boost upto 10x.

There are various types of Ads you can run such as:-

  • Story Ads
  • Post Ads
  • Profile Visits Ads
  • Call to Action Ads
  • Website Click Ads
  • Direct Message Ads

Create Well Designed Instagram Story or the Post of your Product and promote. 

Don’t forget to Target Right Audience for your product. 

  1. Adwords

Adwords is a Google Platform where you can run any type of Ad on Google or YouTube. 

If you want to promote your YouTube Video then you can run ads but there are two types one is Display ad and the other one is search Ad. 

You can review your product in a youtube video and give the sale link in description and inform the viewers about the link.

You will get lots of traffic from that video if you run ads on adwords. 

On the other Hand if you have your own online store with products then you can also create an ad for website Traffic. 

Give your website link and target the right audience for that Ad. 

If you don’t know much regarding the Target Audience then comment down below I’ll explain.

  1. Bing Ads

After Google Bing Search Engine was recognized because of Yahoo ownership and many of the countries support Bing Engines for searching for query. 

Not only in other countries but In India many of the browsers are there who provide the default search engine as Bing. 

Whenever a user searches for the query he’ll get Bing Search Results. 

You may not know but the Bing and Google search results are different because of the difference in ranking criteria. 


I hope that you get the Idea related to the Dropshipping business in India.

Set up your perfect marketing campaign for your product and let the people know about your product. 

Promote your Online Store with Marketing and generate lots of leads for your products. 

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Youtube Platform for Generating Sales


Want to apply some unique business strategies for sales here is the Guide Youtube Platform for Generating Sales

After Facebook, Youtube is considered as the most traffic generated platform and has a huge engagement audience also. 

There are lots of influencers available on the internet who will do reviews regarding your product or service you offer. 

Main Question: How you can contact them or reachout for promotion of your services. 

Here are the Points to be considered before proceeding to contact influencer

  • Find Niche Related Influencer

Niche Related Influencer means if you have an Online Store of fitness products

So, contact those fitness youtubers and let them know about your services. 

If they find it worthy then they will publish your product reviews. 

Note : Influencers charge Lot of Money also. Don’t think this will be the Free Promotion.
  • Contact Influencer

After finding the Niche Related Influencer you can check their Mail Id in the Youtube about section. 

If they didn’t put his email Id then search for their Instagram Username and try to contact them by sending DM. 

After getting Email Id send him the proposal of your product or services. 

After your Product Details mention the price you are going to pay him to that influencer.

If the influencer finds your proposal worthy then definitely he is going to review your product in exchange for some money.

Create Your Own Website

  • Best Place in YouTube Video to get Clicks

You may know some of the influencers put the product link in description or some only mention the name of the product. 

If you want to generate huge amount of sales then Description will be the best option and if the influencer tell their audience

Regarding the product link in description you will be getting a huge amount of traffic. 

How to Get Conversion in Referral Traffic

Did You Know out of 1000 visitors just 10 or 20 is going to purchase your product. 

That’s Why I always suggest you to go for Quality and Targeted Traffic for websites. 

After getting the Traffic from that influencer try to put the email subscription form in your website. 

Pitch customers by their email address and after some time let they know about your product or services. 

Note : Don’t spam again and again regarding your product. It will give the wrong impression regarding your services.

If you think that Influencer Marketing is way higher investment then your Budget then you can go for Organic as well as some Paid Ways also.

Because most of the Influencers charge 100k+ INR for the review on their Channel. 

And Definitely they are going to charge because their fans engagement level is high and worthy also. 

Why Influencers Have Large Engagement?
Influencers mostly are YouTubers or Instagram and the Content they post on social media they gather fans from there.

Influencers are like role models for them and things they will do the same as their audience also prefer to do.

And If any Influencer endorsed any product or services many of their audience will enquire about your product or services.

YouTube Organic Views

Create Your YouTube Channel with your Brand Name and start posting regarding your product. 

Put proper hashtags, description, tags of that YouTube Video. 

Main Part is Thumbnail of that video makes it advanced like a clickbait type so that you’ll get more engagement then a simple thumbnail. 

YouTube Paid Views with Adwords

If you are not getting enough views with Organic then you may go with Paid Views. 

What is Adwords? 

Adwords is a Google Platform for promoting YouTube Videos, Websites, Apps, Call to Action Ads and many more campaigns you can run for your Business. 

For example if you want youtube views then you need to run a campaign for your YouTube Video.

If you want Traffic to your website then you have to run a Website Traffic Campaign. 

So while setting up a Campaign you may face the CPC option… 

What is CPC

When a user clicks on your Ads the Cost Per Click you had set for the campaign will be cut for every click done by the user. 

So choose wisely which network will help you to generate sales. 

If the organic one is not working for you then go for Adwords and promote your Business.


I am done with my Ideas about Youtube Platform for Generating Sales. 

Follow all the above steps organic as well as paid and let me know in the comment section which you had applied in your business.

Don’t Invest much money in Adwords starts with 500 and if you get any leads 

Then only invest more in Adwords and start generating leads for the Business. 

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Email Marketing : Lead Generation through Email

Looking for How Email Marketing will help you to generate leads for your Business… . You are at the right place.

Whether you’re just starting or planning to start email marketing for the business. In this guide I will show you the benefits of Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing means sending mails to the customers regarding your product details or in order to provide services in emails.

Email Marketing is also considered as the best digital marketing channel that allows the sender to control the content.

If your recipient list is targeted then you may generate leads also for the Business.

You can send promotional, transactional and many informational mail via Email.

Email Marketing for Ecommerce

If you own an Online Store or have a Blog/Website then Email Marketing will help you to generate initial traffic and targeted traffic as well.

Collecting the email list is a big task for every website owner but you can easily pitch with the help of MailChimp.

With the Help of Mailchimp you can send a well designed email with some amazing features such as your Brand Logo, Buttons, Signs, Image and many more options.

Click Here for MailChimp

Benefits of Email Marketing for Business

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for the business.

Here are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Business.

  • Build Trust

You can Build Customer Trust with the help of Email Marketing it is only possible if you don’t spam or provide any irrelevant information to the customers.

  • Lead GeneratioN

If you had your targeted audience email lists then design then setup your MailChimp account

and get started with the Lead Generation for the Business.

A study from DMA found that if you had spent a dollar in a campaign then in return you can expect more than the price to be converted.

  • Traffic

If your Blog doesn’t have much traffic then you may take an advantage of email marketing for initial traffic to your blog or website.

So these are some of the benefits you can enjoy with the help of  Email Marketing.

what are you waiting to collect emails and get started? So a Big Question will be … .

How You Can Collect Emails List for Business

  • Set up MailChimp

To collect Emails lists for your business MailChimp is one of the best options to collect emails and to design email very well.

You can watch the below video for How you can set up mailchimp and can make proper use of that for Email Marketing.

  • Collect Emails from Sales

Whenever you get sales try to pitch them for their email and after that send them an congrats message or thankful message.

After getting the email of that customer if you start branding then the user may unsubscribe your email.

So collect email and send 1 or 2 emails in a week.

  • Place Forms in Website

If you have your Online Store or Website then you can collect emails from the customers very easily,

Placing the subscriptions form in any place on your website.

Places where you can put your subscription form to collect emails from the visitor.

Create Your Own Website

  • Contact Us PagE

If any visitor wants to know more about your business or wants to inquire about specific services then he’ll visit the Contact us page.

In the contact us page you can give your email address and below you can embed an email subscription form for the visitor.

If any visitor puts his email in that embed box then he’ll get updates about your business whether you are posting new or anything.

  • Header or Footer

You can embed the subscription form in your header area or your website.

So if any visitor lands on your website he’ll get that form and he may fill that form.

Most of the visitor don’t approach till the footer part of your website but if your website bounce rate is low,

Then surely you can try that embed form in your footer area of your website.

  • Subscription PopUp

If you don’t know how you can make an subscription popup on your website you can watch many videos available on internet

Follow all those steps and place a subscription popup notification on your website.

Once the visitor lands on your website after 5 to 7 seconds he will get one popup regarding subscription for your email list.

Many Businesses apply this technique for collecting huge numbers of emails list for the Lead Generation.


I Hope that you get to know How much Email Marketing is important for your business.

So what are you waiting for to set up your Email Marketing Tools and start generating leads for your Business.

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How to Run Instagram Ads for our Ecommerce Store

Planning to run an Advertisement on Instagram for your Ecommerce store? You are at the right place to get a perfect guide about – How to Run Instagram Ads for Ecommerce Store. 

Did You Know ? Instagram is well known for the engagement and that’s the reason most of the businesses prefer to go with Instagram Ads. 

According to research, 79% of product sales was driven by mobile devices.

Why You Need to Run Instagram Ads for Your Business?

There are several reasons that I have pointed out why instagram for the advertisement purpose …..Is that because of its large engagement and easy to use.

First priority of the online business should be to create Goodwill and Trust among the customers.

Your business will be recommended automatically by the people if people have trust in your business. 

So Here are some of the steps you had to follow before creating an your Instagram Ad :-

Well Designed Post

You need to create a well designed post regarding the details of your product in it. 

There are various tools available with the help of that you can easily create a well designed post. 

Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr etc. Try out these tools for designing purposes.

Create Your Hashtag

Did you know the role of hashtags in Instagram ? Sometime most of the posts on instagram were ranked just because of the trending hashtags used by the user. 

Insert Hashtag properly according to your Product.

Note :- Don’t Spam too much keywords and irrelevant hashtags. It may result in disapproval of your Instagram Ad.

Modify Your Instagram Profile

If you are running an ad for the product and if your Instagram profile was not informational, users may find it spam and bounce back. 

Don’t take it lightly in terms of instagram profile place your website name your Business name your description properly.

Convert to Business Profile

For Instagram Advertising you need to convert your individual profile to business profile after converting you’ll get access for insights. 

You will get to know how much impressions and forward you get on your post.

Connect Your Instagram Profile to Facebook Page

You need to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile to run advertisements on instagram. 

After following the above steps you are good to go for Instagram Advertising. 

Steps for Running Instagram Ads for Ecommerce Store. 

  • Post Product Details

First you need to post your well designed banner on Instagram. 

Don’t Forget to add description and relevant hashtags while posting.

  • Click on Promote

After Posting you will get an option “Promote” 

Click on it and you will get more 3 options :-

  • Direct Messages

If a user clicks on your ad user will be redirected to your inbox he can send you Direct Messages regarding product or queries.

  • Profile Visits

If you just want Profile visits for your instagram profile then this will be the best option for you.

  • Website Clicks

Best if you have your own Ecommerce store then this will be the best option for you. 

If you have an attractive website like us then surely you will get a huge conversion.

Now I have explained to you about those options so choose accordingly which will be the best for you. 

In my recommendation Direct Messages work great for lead generation.

Audience Targeting

You can Target a specific audience for your Ad. If you target your ad to your right targeted audience then you may earn more then you invest for Instagram Ad.

What is Targeted Audience?
Targeted Audience means if you are running an ad of Fitness Product

So your Targeted audience will be Fitness People, People Having interest in Fitness, Gymming Holics people etc.

So your age group will be 18 – 34 because after 34 not many people get interested in gymming or workout.

Name Your Instagram Advertisement Campaign

After selecting the targeting option give a name for your Ad Campaign. 

No need to think much about it just write ABC or Sales Boost your product name.

Budget Optimisation

You have to split your budget in A/B Testing or ad will set manually in any format. 

A/B Testing means once the ad was displaying in story and if it doesn’t work then Instagram will automatically change the position of ad

Or either you can manually set up your Ad position for instagram ad.

Ad Budget

Either you had to spend daily that specific amount for the ad

Or spend once for the ad it is said to be the overall budget.

Choose Your Ad Placement

First thing you need to do is to uncheck the facebook and audience network so that you ad will only display on instagram. 

Click on Edit Placement and uncheck those options.


I hope that you get all your answers regarding the instagram promotion. 

So what are you waiting for to create your ad and boost your sales as well as branding. 

Let me know in the comment section if you had any queries regarding instagram ad running. 

Will suggest a  proper answer for your query. 

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Eagerly want to open a business online and want to make skyprofit ? Today we come up with the Amazing Unique Products that you can Sell in India

Did You Know How much Android Mobile Sellers are available on the internet? There is High Competition among the sellers, that’s why Today I will guide you to some unique products that will work for you.

If you want to build a successful ecommerce business then you should walk with the trend that was chosen by most of the audience.

Make sure your product hasn’t expired or not been in the lists of trends… . I will give you a search data of those products that you can list at your Online Store.

So, Let’s get started with our Unique Products Lists for Online Business 2020.

List Of Unique Products to Sell in India 2020

  • Fitness Wear

Fitness Wear

Most of the Youngsters have an interest in gymming and fitness and for that purpose they need wear and tear for that gymming purpose.

Footwear search data

As you can see the above data gives the information that the Fitness Wear keyword was searched many times over the internet.

The trend of Fitness Wear was growing steadily and increasing day by day. The monthly searches of Fitness Wear in India was above 17k.

Which clearly shows that trend will increase in the coming years.

  • Kids Wear

Little Children Clothes Style

According to one institution penned that every 5 minutes over 75 childrens are borned in India. And the ratio will increase in the coming years due to lockdown. LOL

Kids wear search data

As you can see from the above graph there is rising in the trend of Kids Wear and it will grow high in the coming years.

  • Artificial Jewellery

Gold Plated Artificial Jewellery

In recent times the Price of Gold is rising like a coronavirus patient’s numbers and due to which most of the people prefer to wear Artificial Jewellery.

Artificial Jewellery trend

In the above data as you can see the searches of Artificial Jewellery such an Low Competition Keyword you can easily rank over there.

And if you offer a large discount on your website surely you will get a high conversion for your business.

Make sure to try out the Artificial Jewellery Niche website and start earning as an Affiliate also.

  • Oils

Oil in white bowl

There are a variety of oils are present on the internet but you choose the unique oil that are used for Massage, Skin Oil, Hair Oil etc.

Oils search data

As you can see from the above data of Oils keyword on the internet it was not that much competitive.

If you can write quality content for the user definitely you will get leads for your Business.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea with Leaves

Green Tea is to be said as the Magic Tea for the fitness lovers because it was said that it increases the metabolism in the body and there were many more benefits by consuming Green Tea.

Green tea search data

As you can see the above data Green Tea has a low search volume and you can rank for that keyword if you open your own Online store.

  • Rucksack

Bags for trekking and trips

Rucksack is a Big Backpack that was mostly used for campaign trips and hiking. In India the travel and tourism industry is rapidly growing because the people wants to roam around the world and explore.

Rucksack for trips

The average monthly search data for the rucksack was decent and I’ll suggest to you that if you want to try out the low competition Niche then this will be the best product to sell online.

  • Online Cake Selling

Cake with red jelly

If you have a plan for Large Investment then only this will be the best product because for this Product you need an website to sell your Cake. 

Online cake selling

Search Data for the Online Cake was decent and you can work only if you build your own brand online.

  • Editing Accessories

Editing Accessories for designer

There are various tools that you can use for editing such as Adobe Photoshop, CreativeCloud and many more. What if you build some of the alternatives of those tools at such an Cheap Price? 

Wouldn’t it will boost your sales? Obviously people will love to buy your product if you provide them with what they want and and if you fulfill all their requirements. 

Editing accessories for designers

Ummm… the keyword volume was not too high but you have to invest in marketing with Google Adwords or by hiring an Influencer.

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A Guide to Selling Unique Products Online in India

How to sell unique products online in India is a question that many sellers ask.

It is no wonder, since online retailers have to be on top of their game and must be able to cater to the most competitive of niche markets. This includes the niche markets that are not so accessible to the general public.

There is a wide array of products in the online marketplace. So, it is advisable for the seller to pick a product category that is already there in the online market and sell in that niche.

However, you must be careful because some niches are too difficult to penetrate. As a result, some of the most profitable niches in the online market are not really available in the online market.

So, what are the things that should a seller do to know how to sell unique products in the online marketplace?

Sell Unique Products Online in India

The first thing to do is to choose the niche that interests you. Then find out more about the target audience of that niche. Once you have a grasp of the target audience

Start looking for potential sellers who would be interested in selling that particular niche. It is necessary for the seller to understand what kind of niche he or she is selling.

The next thing that needs to be done is to look at the different sources of income that are present in that niche market.

Find out if that market is able to generate a steady stream of income over a long period of time. Make sure that the products and services sold in the niche are something that your target audience is likely to buy.

Once you are done with your research, check out the various ways of marketing and advertising your products in that market. There is one popular marketing option that is effective in reaching your target market. The option is affiliate marketing.

One of the best ways of learning how to sell unique products in the online marketplace is to choose a niche that has a high demand for them.

For example, if you choose an electronics market, you can create an affiliate site with related content to sell electronic gadgets. In the process of doing this, you will be able to learn the various ways of earning money online. by having a wide variety of income streams available to you.

Also, with an online business, you need to have the knowledge on how to promote yourself in order to attract more people to see your site because you are selling unique products.

This is one of the secrets to Sell Unique Products Online in India that you need to know in order to sell unique products in the online marketplace. After all, without these secrets, you cannot make your online business work well.

There are several different ways of promoting your website. You could do it by using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Alternatively, you can do it by using search engine optimization, blogs, and article writing to bring in more traffic to your site.

Another way is to use forums to advertise your product and offer assistance to your customers. There are also several paid and free means of marketing and promoting your site.

Before starting your campaign, check out the different online marketplaces available in the market. Look out for popular sellers in your niche and inquire about their success stories.

See what they are doing to earn money. Learn from these sellers. They may have tried other methods of promotion, but they are currently succeeding in selling their products in the online marketplace because of their knowledge.

If you feel that you want to build your own website for the first time, it is important that you carefully consider several factors to ensure that it is easy to navigate and that your product and information are visible to the target audience. It is not just enough to post your products for sale.

There are many other aspects that you must take care of such as getting your own website hosting plan, designing your site, and creating a landing page to capture visitors.

You will need an attractive design to attract more buyers.

It is also necessary that you provide more information on the products that you are selling so that visitors can quickly find the information that they are looking for.

There are some sellers who ask for the help of other sellers in advertising their products.

Time to Start Selling UNIQUE PRODUCTS Online

I am done with my Ideas and let me know which technique you like the most of Sell Unique Products Online in India.

Let me clear with you, I just gave you an analysis of that keyword and remaining SEO totally Depends on you. 

If this Blog helps you in any way then Please share this Blog on your Social Media and let the people know about the Best Unique Products that they can sell online.