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About Shopotics

Shopotics is a cloud-based SAAS platform developed by the team of experienced entrepreneurs.

Shopotics is empowering the businesses to run from anywhere at any time, keep serving customers 24X7, and improve customer loyalty.We understand that online purchasing is the customers preferred choice and many businesses already expand their business online and our goal is to create an online selling platform that is easy to use, with no technical knowledge required and can be affordable by each and every business or a single person.

Shopotics ensures the businesses focus on their core business activities and we will take care of everything else.

Our advanced business intelligence tools allow businesses to understand more about their customer behavior, sales insights, acquired new customers, and customer segmentation to increase the sales of the business locally or globally.

Deep Business Knowledge.

High Revenue at Low Cost.

Customer is Everything.

Deep Business Knowledge

Shopotics provide all business history in clear visualization of the data which is easy to understand so that every business can make strategic decision based on their past data, and not the assumptions.

High Revenue at Low Cost

Shopotics is an ERP based platform that has many interconnected modules to automate the order life cycle so that a large number of orders can be processed with ease and can be affordable by each and every individuals.

Customer is Everything

Our success depands on customers success and we ensures our customer for the smooth business operations.We have in-house team of software engineers and customer support who are available 24x7 for our customers.

The team

Our team is an assembly of imaginative and energetic artists.

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